Learning Code with Santa

Are we all feeling festive?!

Santa Tracker - Learn Code!
Santa Tracker – Learn Code!

I am a sucker for all things Christmas and Santa related so what could be better than some online learning with Santa’s help?

As someone of a certain age whose entire coding experience at school was on a BBC Micro and involved 10 Print Hello 20 goto 10, and bar some html hasn’t much progressed beyond that, I couldn’t help but go to Google’s Santa Tracker and click on the Learn Code Lab section. I feel like I have missed the coding train so am always trying to learn a little more.

It is so exciting to see the many varied ways children (and the young at heart) can learn about coding online today, often in the forms of games. I’ve been playing (and learning!) moving Santa to the presents. What I love about this in particular is how clean and intuitive the interface is. No written instructions, a very simple show and do style with drag and drop. Bright and colourful, with the view code option optional and great feedback on how you can make the same moves with less code/blocks – presented in such a way that it does feel like ‘you got that wrong’ but an encouraging ‘hey, you know you could that with just two blocks’ really tipping your interest.

I find it very endearing and imagine children will whizz through it without even realising the knowledge they are soaking up like sponges.

I can’t wait to Code a Snowflake!

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